Mary XXXmas

First Edition:  May 2015

Story: 15,817 words, 30 pages

It's the day before Christmas, and the office is staffed with a skeleton crew. When Mary dresses up as a Christmas Elf, and makes a play for the boss, it's the beginning of the wildest, wackiest, out of control party, featuring innocent Mary, not-so-innocent Scandinavian visitor Helga, a couple of contractors, and the luckiest boss in the free world.


WARNING: This book is packed with insatiable appetites, virgins, role-playing, office shenanigans, threesomes, swapping, and much more. Lucky for Mary.


FFM, MFM, Roleplay, First, DP, Oral

Chapter One


I wasn't happy to be in the office, to tell the truth. It was Christmas Eve, one of our company's two floating holidays. We have a small satellite office in Ft. Worth, mostly to support one very important customer. All the employees knew the floating holidays were for the day before Christmas and the day after Thanksgiving.


Unfortunately, not everyone's an employee. We had twenty-one full-time employees, three-part time, two contractors, and an overseas partner working out of our office. The hourly paid contractors, and our guest partner had all chosen to work this day, so I had to be there as well. I guess I should clarify - somebody had to be there, and as the manager and one of the few single people in the office, I took it upon myself.


I wasn't looking forward to it.


I pulled into the parking lot at 7:55, just as I always did. My life was pretty non-existent outside of work, and I lived within a mile of the office, so traffic was rarely a problem. Especially on Christmas Eve.


I had the office to myself, and did my usual morning preparations, prioritizing my efforts, organizing my work, and checking for any overnight email. I had written a few emails the night before, and as was my habit, mailed them out before 8:15. I know it's a little odd. I hated to send out midnight emails, making it sound like I had nothing better to do. By saving them for the morning, instead it looked like I was a go-getter. Being in a remote office, I had to garner attention where I could. I didn't want to be a regional manager forever.


I managed to bury myself in the never-ending workload I seemed to always endure, and was startled out of my concentration when I heard a crash from the front office area. I hurried down the hall and around the corner to see what was the matter. Mary, my admin, was lying on the floor, trying to extricate her limbs from a folding chair that seemed to have closed up on her while she was standing at it. It was a funny sight, and although I was tempted to giggle, her sad look, so incongruent with her dress, had me falling over myself to help her.


Her dress, or lack of it, set me back a second, but I brushed it off staying as professional as I could.


I knelt down and opened the chair a bit, where it was pinching her leg. I reached for her foot, encased in three inch white heels, and lifted it past the chair's folding mechanism, forcing her knee up and outward, while trying to avoid making it too obvious as I took a peek up her ridiculously short dress. "What happened?" I asked solicitously.


"It's these stupid heels! I just fell off the chair," she pouted, while I freed her second leg. Each pretty stem was encased in green and white striped socks, perhaps they should be called stockings, which ended a couple of inches above her knees, and several inches below her hemline. She was wearing a form fitting shiny green dress, with a furry white ruffle around the bottom and covering the shoulders. Her cleavage was deep and rather daring, with a small red bow tying the two sides of her top together, otherwise she'd be showing more than she was covering. A fallen matching green elf hat completed her ensemble.


I understand it takes a while to describe it, but only a second to enjoy it. She looked cute as a button. 


I'll go ahead and admit it. I think my admin is adorable, but never more so than that day. I try to behave myself, and not stare too much, but for once I was helpless. She'd worked for me for over a year, and had become as comfortable as an old shoe. I'd hired her right out of high-school, on a recommendation. She was young, refreshing, ebullient. A tiny thing, maybe 5'1", and looking even younger than her 18 years. She was so cute, sometimes I wanted to throw propriety to the wind and just hug her. 


Lifting her legs and pulling her out of the chair had given me a heart-stopping view between her open legs. Her outfit had shifted up around her waist, and the cutest little red panties were all that covered her teen treasure. Wow. There were times when I wanted to do more than just hug her. A lot more. 


But I resisted. I didn't need the headache of office relationship issues, and heck, I was almost old enough to be her daddy. 


* Come here, little girl. Sit on Daddy's knee. *


She carefully stood, and brushed herself off, putting her hat back on. 


"What are you doing in today?" I asked, straightening the chair.


"Mom had to work, so I figured I might as well, since the office was going to be open. I thought we could try to make it a little festive around here." She waved a sprig of mistletoe with a grin. "Hold the chair for me?"


It was a little embarrassing, holding the chair steady, my arms almost embracing her legs, while she stood, stretching her utmost to tie the mistletoe around a sprinkler head. Her short skirt was raised high, exposing the bottom edge of her tight young buns, and my head was only a couple of inches away from her satin covered crotch. If I just leaned forward an inch or two, I could kiss her there. She was standing under mistletoe, after all.


I closed my eyes, and concentrated on keeping the chair steady.


She giggled, and I turned my head and peered upward, avoiding any obvious look between her legs. She was grinning at me, and ran her fingers through my hair. "You're always the gentleman, aren't you? I'm sorry, I didn't realize my dress would ride up like that." She tugged it back down, and rested her hand on my shoulder while she stepped off the chair. The big step backward raised her knee beside my head, and lifted her skirt up, once again giving me another full view of her teasingly tight panties.


I folded up the chair, and looked over to see her still grinning. She cleared her throat, and gave a glance upward. I followed her gaze to find I was directly under the mistletoe. She moved forward and gave me a quick little peck on the lips. "Merry Christmas, Boss."


"Same to you, my little holiday elf."


She giggled and took off on errands unknown. She was actually skipping. Jeez, to be that young.



Chapter Two


I tried to concentrate on my work, since it wasn't going to go away on its own, but found it was a nearly impossible task. After maybe an hour or so I surrendered and decided to take a coffee break in our breakroom. 


I stopped at the doorway, and saw my busy little elf hadn't been idle. She'd hung a few decorations, and had Holiday cookies and a big punchbowl of eggnog set out. It looked like enough for an army. I could see that she'd enlisted our European visitor to help her. Helga was from Sweden, but not the tall lanky Scandinavian super model I'd secretly envisioned. She was a mousy brunette, with reddish highlights and a squarish face hidden behind out-dated large rimmed glasses. Her English was impeccable, although she had a distinct accent. Unlike my hotty Christmas elf, Helga was wearing her typical jeans and oversized t-shirt that gave little clue to her possible femininity.


Mary saw me and squealed. "Don't move Boss!" She grabbed Helga's hand and dragged our thoroughly confused guest after her, stopping just inches from me. "You are a naughty one today, aren't you?" She giggled. Seeing my look of confusion, she pointed upward, where she'd stapled some more mistletoe just over the door. She jumped up, pulled my head down and gave me another quick peck. "See, anybody standing under the mistletoe, gets kissed!" she explained to the nerdish brunette. 


"This is common practice?" Helga asked curiously.


"Just at Christmas, especially Christmas parties," Mary explained. 


"We have mistletoe, but it's for couples who are fighting to kiss under. It is like a flag of truce," she explained.


"Well, in America, it's a flag of surrender." She grabbed my shirt and shook me, more like shook herself to be honest. I easily weighed twice what she did, and had her by a good foot or more. "Surrender your kisses, or face a fate worse than death!" she growled straining upward to steal another peck. 


Helga raised an eyebrow, then reached for me. I leaned over and gave her a kiss. She wasn't content with the quick peck Mary had delivered, and hers lasted a couple of seconds, with a tiny flick of her tongue, a naughty little tease.


I'm sure I blushed. 


They gave me some space and when I headed for the coffee maker, Mary interceded, blocking my way. "C'mon, Boss. Loosen up! Have a little eggnog. We are," she insisted, pouring me a cup of the festive liquid. I took a sip and knew that if they drank much more, I'd probably be carting them off in a wheelbarrow. "That's pretty strong," I said.


"Oh, it's not so bad, and it's not like we're going to get much work done around here today anyway." Mary pouted.


"I'm not complaining, just noticing," I told her, taking another sip. 


Mary had a mug of her own, with maybe an inch left in the bottom, and passed another one to Helga. "Skoal," she said, lifting her glass for a toast.


"Skål," Helga corrected gently before tipping her cup back.


I left them to their decorations, and headed back to my office. The girls were giggling and Mary cried out, "One last thing boss..."


I turned and almost got run over. "Mistletoe," she giggled and kissed me again, this time making a little more effort, easily besting Helga's attempt. At least for the moment, since Helga was right behind her, showing me she was no slacker either.


I knew I should have spoken up. Propriety in the office. A time and place for everything. All that jazz. But Damn! I liked those kisses. And it was Christmas. Nobody was around, anyway. Right?




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