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Who Did I Marry?


Who is Cassandra?

When newly wealthy Alex meets the incredible Cassandra, it seems too good to be true. She's beautiful, intelligent, incredible in bed, and absolutely devoted. The perfect mate, perfect wife. 

And then Alex finds out everything he ever knew about her was a lie. Everything. 

His world is about to be turned upside down and inside out. Will his marriage and his sanity survive the ordeal? 


Warning: Explicit Wild Family Redneck Lovin' for one lucky guy, and the family of his mysterious wife!

Bad Bonny


Punishing his Brat never felt so good!

Everyone says so. Her mother knows it, and took off to New York for work leaving her behind for six weeks. Her step-father knows it all too well, fighting with Bonny's mother for years, before finally giving up. 

Now he's been laid off, and she's home for the summer. Harold has one last chance to straighten out his girl before she goes off to college. She's a brat, used to getting her way, but being grounded, without a phone, without a car for the entire summer has her desperate. 

When she learns about her step-father's predilection for spanking, an idea forms. A way to get out of trouble, maybe even get spoiled a little bit. Perhaps even a chance to get even with him for punishing her. 

A Matter of Convenience
Vol 1 of The House That Lust Built


#1 Hall of Fame Group Sex Long Series

It was a creative solution to everybody's problem. He couldn't afford the fixer-upper, his flirty friend needed a place for her and her kid, and her broken housemate needed a new start.


What they didn't know was they all needed each other - and more. It started as a matter of convenience . . .


Warning: Sizzling oral, anal, kinky play, defloration, threesomes, foursomes and moresomes. Lots of FMF for the lucky protagonist. 

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Summer Sucks

Peter is Invisible. Mister average. His whole family is until his older brother breaks free from mediocrity. After graduating college, Peter's brother gives him a gift. A phone number, and an interview for the greatest summer job ever. 

Sandra takes him under her wing, and prepares him for his new career. One in which his brother excelled. A career where Peter's one above average attribute is the primary requisite for success. 

In a matter of days, Peter goes from 'Mister Invisible', Joe Average, to anything but! 


Warnings: This story contains CFNM, mature, first time, and lots of oral action. 

Vegas Gamble

One spat ran the danger of ruining the weekend for all three couples. To head things off, Steve decides to shake things up, by swapping dates for the evening. Purely innocent, right? I mean seriously, what's the chance that anything . . . inappropriate might happen - again, and again, and again!


Warnings: This story contains wife swapping, teasing, and boundaries broken. Slow burn teasing, testing, tasting, and taking!

Taste Is Everything

2013 Clitorides Award for Erotic Novella of the Year


When botanist Dr. Greene discovers a plant that can change the way a person tastes things, his wife discovers that the source of ambrosia is in his pants. A secret she doesn't hesitate to share with her sister and best friend. 


Dr. Green is not a selfish man, and makes sure his brother-in-law is deserving of a sample, and before long, the women decided this is something that deserved to be shared far and wide, with interesting results.


Warnings: This title contains extensive oral sex, and plenty of regular sex, with the lucky Dr. Greene getting more than his share. Stick around for the surprising ending!

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Mary XXXmas

It's the day before Christmas, and the office is staffed with a skeleton crew. When Mary dresses up as a Christmas Elf, and makes a play for the boss, it's the beginning of the wildest, wackiest, out of control party, featuring innocent Mary, not-so-innocent Scandinavian visitor Helga, a couple of contractors, and the luckiest boss in the free world.


WARNING: This book is packed with insatiable appetites, virgins, role-playing, office shenanigans, threesomes, swapping, and much more. Lucky for Mary.

The Big Tease

A college prank gone astray has two of the hottest women on campus looking for revenge. Dirk finds himself in the middle of the action, literally, and swept up in a crazy, sexy, extreme payback. The only real question is if the pranks on him!


Warnings: This story contains teasing, wild accidental exhibitionist sex, and blowjobs so good you could write a college thesis on them. Not to mention deflowering the hottest woman on campus.

Ultimate Fantasy Football

She's just one of the guys, part of the fantasy football league, a tomboy loud mouth. Until that Halloween when she shows up dressed a little differently. There's a lot more to the girl than the guys ever imagined. 

One little bet, and Fantasy Football will never be the same


Warnings: This title contains graphic language and wild one-on-one sexual situations as well as a girl with a playful attitude bigger than Texas.

Seducing Blue

Miss Blue travels halfway across the country to attend a writer's conference, where she is met and hosted by an online friend, whose motivation and morals may not be what she's expecting.


Steve is cool, calm and collected, and he has a plan.  With three days to work his magic, he intends to make the gorgeous MILF his. 


Will he succeed in his machinations? Will she fall under his seductive spell? Is Miss Blue the quiet innocent that Steve is counting on?


Warnings: This title contains hot seduction and wild one-on-one sexual situations as well as a naughty MILF who surprises her seducer with her wicked ways!

Texas Heat
Vol 1 of Asphalt Adventure


On a long, lonely cross country drive, in the west Texas summer inferno, he meets two young ladies in desperate straits. They form an unlikely company as they travel through Texas, Louisiana, and Florida, embarking on a journey of sexual awakening.


One is a fiery Latina, the other an ice goddess. With the help of the wild Ana-Maria, can he melt Dierdre's icy exterior? And if he does, will the water put out the flames?


Warnings: This title contains car sex, exhibitionist, voyeur, safe sex, and oral sex, just to start this salacious journey!

Cajun Spice
Vol 2 of Asphalt Adventure


Two college beauties on a cross-country road trip headed for their sophomore year of college, their decrepit vehicle on its last legs. 

One wealthy business man, seeing their plight, steps in to lend a hand, a meal, and even share a room. 

After an unexpected night with the wild Ana-Maria, the threesome continue their journey from Texas to Louisiana. He convinces them to spend another evening together, for a night of dancing and a spicy Cajun feast. 

His B&B cottage is everything he'd hoped for, including a romantic setting and a private hot-tub. Will the reluctant Deirdre go along with the activities, and if so, just how far? 


Florida Frenzy
Vol 3 of Asphalt Adventure


The road-trip started in Texas Heat, and continued in Cajun Spice, comes to its steamy conclusion on the panhandle beaches of Florida. Meet our lucky protagonist's childhood friend, and the bevy of beauties that he shares a roof with.

An incredible night in Cajun-country has broken down all the barriers. Now a visit with a childhood friend, at his beach house of debauchery will takes things to an all new level!