Friends and Fellow Writers

I have several writer friends, whose work I enjoy and respect. I hope you'll check them out, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Their work appared with mine in the anthology Hot Summer Reads.

Ella Wilding

Ella is hard to pigeon hole into just one category or style of writing. She is a ray of sunshine and source of rainbows, to her many friends, but her writing rarely reflects that. Her stories whether of the romance or science fiction fantasy genre tend to hold the harsher overtones of the BDSM life style.

Freya Lange

Freya writes stories that  come from her own experience - not necessarily always from sexual experiences, but also from news stories, pieces of art, and people she meets or watches as she goes about her every day life.


Freya is also the Editor & driving force behind our anthology.

Patient Lee

Patientlee's work reflects the duality of her nature. Mundane job, quiet, laid-back disposition, but lustful and sensuous in the bedroom. Her stories often deal with unpleasant themes- depression, bullying, environmental issues, natural disasters- but in a manner that leaves the reader uplifted , hopeful, and satisfied


To quote a Master Storyteller:


To bring a tear to the eye, a quickening to the heart and a smile to the face of my readers. That is and should be the goal of every writer. Passion.

J Kendall Dane

In his own words:


Just a regular gay guy that enjoys writing as a serious hobby. My stories will almost always be same sex oriented and tend to run more towards the romance and/or the first time genres with the occasional foray into the drama or mystery areas.

Shea Mara

Shea writes beautiful fiction with a flare. She delves into BDSM and Science Fiction with equal daring and creativity. Her writing gives me goosebumbs, and I hope you'll take the time to read her works and find a new favorite author.

JC Winchester

A military vet who  often found solace in reading and writing while on deployment and decided to share a few of his works. He has a particular fondness for writing stories that display his love for the great outdoors. During the warmer months he can be found traveling and exploring new areas. 


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