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I get a lot of questions from my readers about all sorts of things. Everything from where I get my ideas, to when and how long I write, to what editor I use. I depend on a lot of resources to get the job done, so I thought I'd share some of them here.


What Do You Use to Write?


I like simplicity. When I write, I use a simple text editor to avoid distractions. I use Notepad++ for most of my writing. When I've finished my first draft, I use Word 2007 to check for basic spelling and grammar errors. I've created several Word macros I use to located my most common grammatical errors, and to look for mistakes in homonyms, 'weak' words, and 'weasel' words. 


I love your covers. Do you make them yourself?


I've tried a lot of different things. I worked with a couple of designers over at fiverr, and I was pleased with the results. For many of my eBooks, I have a very specific image in mind, and I've created most myself. I use Photoshop and stock images mostly. 


How can I tell what's new, and what's from Lit?


Excellent question. Many of my books were first published on Those which were previously published have been updated, cleaned up and expanded for my eBooks. Each previously published eBook in the future will have a circular widget in the top left corner. The amount of yellow you see is an indicator of how much of the content was previously available on No round widget, and the content is all new.


Do you use any other writing tools?


The biggest issue many writers have is procrastination, and inspiration. To deal with procrastination, I use the Pomodoro system. I set aside a fixed amount of time to write, and I start typing. Anything to get going. I'll commonly throw away the first few paragraphs, but I've found that once I start typing, I can get in a groove and keep going. Sometimes that means ignoring the Pomodoro timer, and typing until the muse leaves or I get too tired.


Do you write one story at a time?


Very rarely. I have many stories I'm working on at one time. Often over 50 on my hard drive. It allows me to maintain a high level of inspiration. I can write whatever I feel like, since my writing is to eclective. Now if I have a deadline, for a contest, or a self-proscribed publishing date, I'll put aside everything else to complete the critical work. But more often than not, I rwork on whichever story grabs my interest.



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