You Asked For It - You Got It!

After numerous requests, I've decided to go ahead and make many of my stories availalbe for purchase. The first dozen of so ebooks will be updated, edited and extended version of many of the stories my readers are already familiar with.

Uninvited is the updated version of That Old House. The new version had gone through extensive editing, and has a more complete ending. The story hasn't changed much from the 2013 Clitorides Award Winning original.

Gamer Goddess has been updated with several changes to the section dealing with the 'bad guys'. The basic story is the same, with extensive editing for grammar, spelling, flow, and some content.

The Big Tease has been cleaned up, put in ebook form, and remains FREE.

Bad Heather has gone through extensive change, and is nearly double in size. The original chapters haven't changed much, but there's a lot more action ahead. Spelling, grammar and content changes are abundant.

A Matter of Convenience, is the first chapter of The House That Lust Built. It is a major update to the Convenience Vs Need (CvsN) series, publised in 5 novella length volumes. It has mote than 100K new words, and finally an ending worth publishing. It will be available for free, and the second and third volumes will be heavily discounted to $.99.

Scout's Honor, is the first volume in the Last Boy Scout Series. It has been updated from the original Last Boy Scout. Volume Two, Scout's Promise, resolves the relationships with both his best friend and his favorite teacher. The Last Boy Scout will be heavily discounted to $.99

Most of these ebooks will be published through Smashwords, in the month of June. They should be available at your favorite ebook retailer soon after.

Thanks for your support, and all the encouragement.

#ebooks #smashwords

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