Taking a break for FAWC 5

I entered the fifth FAWC competition. I haven't posted much on Literotica in the last few months, dealing with home issues, and trying to get caught up on a few projects. PatientLee, an email fried on Lit, managed to convince me to pull my head out of my nether region long enough to get back to what I like to do most, which is write.

So I made a short entry for the contest, about 21K words. I'm not going to tell you much about the story, since the whole Idea of the contest it that it's supposed to be anonymous.

Then again, so far, this blog is pretty close to anonymous, since I haven't advertised it yet. If you found it by today, you're either very lucky or awfully nosy. :-)

As a reward, I am posting a picture, that I used during the writing. When I write, most of the time I like to build a complete character study for each of the main characters, as well as research the locale, jobs, etc., to provide as much authenticiy as possible. In this story's case, it's a new location and culture that required the most research. This picture, a Google Maps snapshot, edited by yours truly, was part of that researh.

The stories should go up this weekend. It's the biggest contest so far, and it looks like all the previous winners will be competing, including PatienLee. She won the last one, with this little gem. I'm hoping to give her a little competition, this time.

#fawc #literotica #competition #shortstory

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