There's a lot more to this . . .

As I delve deeper into the idea of commercializing my writing, one thing is quite obvious. Writing great stories and publishing them as eBooks is not nearly enough.

Just like on Literotica, if your work is not visible, nobody's going to read it.

Visibility means getting potential readers to, at a minimum, see your book for sale. Once they've seen it, they have to decide to buy it or not. For the first one, that means getting word out there, selecting the right distributor, choosing the write category and tags.

It also means having a cover that's good enough to convince the potential reader to at least look at what's being offered for sale.

What I've learned is I don't know nearly enough about this, so I'll be studying a lot more, before I go to far. What I do know is that my two Smashwords eBooks aren't generating many sales. Well, one is being given away for free, and has a decent number of downloads, but the other is verging on pathetic, barely covering the price of the stock photo in the first month.


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