Seducing Blue - New on Amazon!

Four new books are up on Amazon!

Seducing Blue was written as a Birthday gift for a dear friend. With her kind permission, I've made it into an eBook, and it just went live on Amazon. Here's the short description:

Miss Blue travels halfway across the country to attend a writer's conference, where she is met and hosted by an online friend, whose motivation and morals may not be what she's expecting.

Steve is cool, calm and collected, and he has a plan. With three days to work his magic, he intends to make the gorgeous MILF his.

Will he succeed in his machinations? Will she fall under his seductive spell? Is Miss Blue the quiet innocent that Steve is counting on?

Buy it now for just $2.99, and see how our dastardly protagonist seduces the sultry MILF.

#ebook #publishing #Amazon

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