New eBook: Summer Sucks

Summer Sucks 500x334.png

I've finished putting together another eBook for Amazon. This time it's Summer Sucks.

It's a story about a young man's summer job. Not the job, he expected, or could have even dreamed of. Peter is a blow-job practice dummy, attending parties where his 'gift' is provided to the attendees, while they hone their skills.

It's enough to make an otherwise extremely average guy anything but!

Summer Sucks is one of several eBooks I'm working on at the moment. It is still my intention to get at least a dozen of my older, better works on Amazon as eBooks, before I start posting my best award winning stories and previously unseen works.

It's a lot of work, but I'm striving to find a way to make it easier. It means more time and effort up front, but easier going later on.

One of the efforts is to create a solid Word 2007 eBook template that anyone can use. I've almost got that where I want it. Once done, I plan to create a couple of videos showing how to customize the template (once) for an author's personal use, and then how to use it to create your own Kindle formatted eBook.

It's working. The last eBook I formatted with it took me less than half an hour to whip into shape.

It should be available on before too long.

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