She dropped to her knees before me, and my own came close to buckling in anticipation. I barely avoided reaching out and grabbing her head to keep from falling. My hand passed by her ear, and I leaned over and grasped the arm of her chair, slowly stabilizing myself. I was dizzy in anticipation. 

I straightened up slowly, spread my legs a bit and braced myself. Please God, let this happen. And please, please, don’t let me embarrass myself. 

“Patience, sweet child,” she said softly. She reached for my cock with one hand stretching me out, until I was pointed directly at her face. She opened her lips, her tongue brushing the bottom one, and breathed hotly on my cock, coaxing moisture out the tip. 

She giggled. “This is too good.” Her second hand came in to play, and I saw she had a small tape measure, which she placed against my shaft. She reached back and pulled out a green marker, making a tiny line on my cock. She wrapped the tape around me, at that line, and carefully drew a circle around my shaft, sitting back and admiring her handiwork. She took my stiffness in her hand, at the edge of the line, and abruptly moved her face forward, my cock suddenly disappearing, her tongue brushing against me. She brought her face forward until her lips touched her fingers, and pulled away just as quickly. “That seems just about right.” 

She performed the ritual again, this time with a red marker, drawing a second circle maybe an inch closer to my body. I was expecting it this time when she took me in her mouth, and I groaned in appreciation. She pushed forward, and I felt myself pushing firmly against the back of her throat before her lips reached her fingers once more. She pulled back and smacked her lips lewdly. 

“We’re almost done, baby. You've been very good, and I promise you, Aunt Sandra's going to make it all worthwhile.”

Summer Sucks


First Edition: June 2015


eter is Invisible. Mister average. His whole family is until his older brother breaks free from mediocrity. After graduating college, Peter's brother gives him a gift. A phone number, and an interview for the greatest summer job ever. 

Sandra takes him under her wing, and prepares him for his new career. One in which his brother excelled. A career where Peter's one above average attribute is the primary requisite for success. 

In a matter of days, Peter goes from 'Mister Invisible', Joe Average, to anything but! 


Warnings: This story contains CFNM, mature, first time, and lots of oral action. 




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