Texas Heat
Vol 1 of Asphalt Adventure


First Edition: June 2015


On a long, lonely cross country drive, in the west Texas summer inferno, he meets two young ladies in desperate straits. They form an unlikely company as they travel through Texas, Louisiana, and Florida, embarking on a journey of sexual awakening.


One is a fiery Latina, the other an ice goddess. With the help of the wild Ana-Maria, can he melt Dierdre's icy exterior? And if he does, will the water put out the flames?


Warnings: This title contains car sex, exhibitionist, voyeur, safe sex, and oral sex, just to start this salacious journey!




“I’ll take one too,” Deirdre said. I looked up at her words, as she removed her robe, and my heart nearly stopped. She was amazing. Flawless porcelain skin, lightly freckled on her upper chest and shoulders, graceful curves, flat belly, all wrapped in a tiny bikini that did nothing to hide the lean, athletic form it contained.


She dove into the water, slicing through it with a smooth experienced stroke to the far end and back, stopping just opposite me. I’m ashamed to say I completely forgot about Ana-Maria for the few moments it took, staring at this ice goddess. Pulling up she shook her hair back out of her face, then stepped right up to me.


“Steve, I don’t want you to think I’m ungrateful. You’ve been nothing but a gentleman, helping us out, buying that incredible dinner, and now sharing your room for the evening. I … I just wanted to say thank you.” She leaned forward and gave me a light kiss on the lips, then turned to the side and took her beer in hand.


“I want to say thank you, too,” Ana-Maria announced at my side, and turning, planted a huge kiss on me, her lips parting and her tongue rapidly penetrating my mouth. I returned the kiss avidly, with my cock tenting my baggy shorts.


“I thought that’s what you were doing when I walked up,” Deirdre giggled, her elbows pulled back and resting in the water channel at the pool's edge, lifting her small breasts up to the edge of the water.


Ana-Maria backed up and grabbed her own beer, laughing. “No that was just thanks for the car ride, this kiss was for the dinner. I think I’ll save the one for letting us stay in his room for later.”


Deirdre set her own beer down and drifted over to me again. “You’re right, Ana-Maria.” With that she placed her hand behind my neck, and pulled my mouth to hers. This time the kiss was wetter and harder, lasting at least as long as Ana-Maria’s, her body slowly coming up against mine, until her leg wrapped around mine, pulling my crotch into hers, where she held it for just a moment, feeling my hardness before she drifted away, pulling away starting at the bottom, until at the very end she was leaning forward and allowing only our lips to touch.


“Consider that payment in full.” She smiled with a devilish grin.


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